Low RPM High Torque Motors Manufactured For Low Speeds And High Power Applications

High torque low RPM motors are specifically designed to move heavy parts and equipment at a slower rate. By providing a lot of power or torque at a slower speed, it’s possible to move large or weighty objects, like doors, lifts, gates, and other devices, in a more controlled manner.

Depending on specific motion control requirements, many applications require motors that operate at high speeds. This rate of motion can then be reduced and adjusted with the addition of a gearbox. Motors used in pumps, generators, and other motorized machinery have these controls to vary their performance,

Low RPM motors, however, are specifically designed to run at lower, slower speeds, thus a gearbox is not required to maintain more controlled operation. Bypassing the gearbox is not the only advantage of low-speed electric motors; reduced RPMs is useful for specific functions. These motors can provide a lot of power to the workpiece, which makes them integral to many types of electrically controlled and automated equipment.

Field Applications:

  • Freight Elevator Door
  • Freight Elevator Gate
  • Textile

Design Features:

  • Harsh Environments
  • Rugged Construction
  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable
  • Low Noise
  • Low RPM Motors

Common Applications Of High Torque Low RPM Motors

Low-speed electric motors are frequently used in systems and machinery that must lift considerable weight in a smooth, controlled, and safe manner. The high torque power of these motors is necessary to move the weight of objects like elevator doors, automated safety and security gates, emergency barriers, cargo lifts, freight systems, garage doors, and more. They are included among our selection of aerospace motors and replacement electric motors for freight elevators.

The low speed of these motors helps to ensure heavy objects can be carefully controlled and that they will follow a precise track of motion. Low RPM motors are a necessity in critical applications, such as on aircraft, in public buildings, and various transportation systems. They make many forms of automation and mechanization possible, even in especially demanding circumstances.

Exceptional Quality And Tailored Performance For Unique Motion Control Demands

When ARC Systems manufactures low RPM high torque motors, we carefully account for numerous operation parameters. For example, we always use wiring, insulation, housing, and other components that will provide a safe and long-lasting operation. Our motors are regularly used in applications that must run frequently or constantly, or will be subjected to temperature extremes, moisture fluctuations, and other factors that could otherwise compromise motor reliability and longevity.

Unlike commercial, off-the-shelf options, our motors are specifically designed for their unique end-use and are made to run optimally wherever they are installed. Virtually all of our motors are custom manufactured to unique specifications but our extensive in-house production capabilities enable us to fulfill requirements in a highly efficient manner.

As we’ve had vast experience manufacturing motors for many different industries and applications, we can often work from one of our existing designs and tailor a motor to your needs. This saves substantial time and cost. It is also well within our expertise to develop a completely custom motor from the earliest stages.

Let Our Engineering Team Work With Yours

Our engineers will work directly with your team to identify the best possible solution for your needs. Once we’ve determined a design, we then go to work developing and building your motor.

Tell us about your unique equipment and performance requirements and we’ll identify all the necessary components and features required to achieve the best result.

If you need a low-speed electric motor as a replacement or improvement on a standard motor, we can provide a cost-effective solution that is of higher quality than most off-the-shelf brands.

The vast majority of our motors are considered high performance, high-temperature motors. Our products have been used in some of the most critical aerospace, defense, transportation, medical, and industrial settings. We are fully versed in meeting design and materials to highly specific operational requirements.

Getting Started With ARC Systems As Your Low-Speed Electric Motor Manufacturer

ARC Systems Inc. is the clear choice for low-speed high torque motors that are manufactured to unique needs. We use our experience as a dedicated manufacturer and supplier to guide you in the process of identifying exactly what is required for your motor to function optimally within the application.

We’ll take the time to discuss specific operational variables and scenarios to determine factors like longevity, maintenance needs, etc. Then we’ll use our capabilities to realize that product.

To get started, browse our catalog and select from some of the motors we have designed and in stock. You can also submit an RFQ with your requirements or call us directly to start discussing your specifications.