Encapsulation and Custom Manufacturing Of Potted Coils For High-Temperature, High-Performance Applications And More

Potted coils are a high-performance alternative to the varnish coating that is ordinarily used to protect stator assemblies in various industrial motion control applications. Our unique type of encapsulation, along with our housing, will conduct heat away from the stator. This means that devices run cooler, more reliably, and are better able to endure high-demand, high-temperature conditions.

Potted coils can reduce operational temperature by up to 20 degrees F. High-temperature, high-performance capabilities enable our stator assemblies to provide lasting performance in challenging applications.

We originally started offering encapsulation of stators in direct response to railroad industry requirements. Track-switching mechanisms require a superior level of environmental endurance and high-temperature operational capabilities that exceed the limits of a varnish-coating. This demand has led us to develop a unique encapsulating component that offers specific industrial benefits.

Our potting is cured through heat or air. We also pair our high-performance stator assemblies with thermally conductive housing to pull heat away from the stator. This means that we can create solutions that can be used in petroleum and oil drilling equipment. We can also provide other types of specialized stator assemblies for a range of critical and high-demand settings.

Field Applications:

  • Train Stop System
  • Oil Drilling
  • Any application with Harsh Environments

Design Features:

  • High Temperature Insulation Systems
  • High Energy Magnetic Material
  • Harsh Environments

High-Performance, Heavy-Duty Potted Coils Made To Your Specs

We can manufacture potted coils in a wide range of sizes, including assemblies that are under a half-inch in diameter to upwards of five inches. All of our production services are completed in-house and the experience of our engineering team is unmatched. If you need potting services for any specialized application, we’ll use our expertise to create a solution.

Our potted coil production capabilities include an expanded capacity curing chamber, dedicated department within our facility, and the expertise of our manufacturing team. We’re able to provide potted coil stator assemblies efficiently and in prompt response to customer demand.

ARC Systems Inc. can also manufacture custom coil winding assemblies, stator and rotor kits, rotor castings, AC rotors and a range of other motion control components and devices. We can produce these products with and without housing.

Why Choose ARC Systems Inc. As Your Manufacturer?

We’ve been meeting the demands of OEMs in all types of industries for nearly fifty years.

We produce a wide range of products, but we can also design and develop solutions per unique need and operational requirements. Simply contact us to discuss your specifics and tell us about your application. Our team will work directly with yours to produce optimal results, efficiently and at competitive costs.

ARC Systems Inc. is proud to be an ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D certified, U.S.-based manufacturer and supplier of custom motors and more. If you’re looking for a better alternative to commercial, off-the-shelf motors, coils, stators, and more, submit an RFQ with your specs or contact us directly.