Stator Winding Assemblies From A Precision Custom Coil Winding Manufacturer

Stator winding assemblies are a vital part of many motion control systems. Their materials, configurations, and other features have a significant effect on the performance and longevity of an application.

As an expert custom coil wind manufacturer and supplier, ARC Systems Inc. can design, develop, and produce coil windings and stator assemblies that meet a range of high-performance, industrial requirements. We are proud to be one of the few remaining, totally integrated, custom coil winding companies in the electromechanical motor and components market.

We offer high-performance stator and rotor components available as kits. The use of these kit components will eliminate the need for housing and end bells. They serve as an integral part of any assembly. They are designed in a way that will not only save valuable space but will also reduce overall weight.

Our custom coil windings also include any wound component such as bobbin wound coils, self-supporting coils, rotor windings, and more.

Along with our unique manufacturing processes, our internal capabilities enable us to provide cost-effective solutions for our customers. We have extensive experience designing and manufacturing solutions for military, aerospace, oil drilling, medical, elevator, railroad, and many other industries.

Assembly table


Assembly table

Custom Coil Wind Assemblies Made To High-Performance Industrial Requirements

The stator assembly is a stationary coil in an AC motor. These types of assemblies include a stator core and a coil, which is wound and inserted in the stator core with ends connected to lead wires. The stator core is made up of stacked laminations, which are arranged with specially designed stacking tools and fixtures.

Our in-house machining capabilities enable us to grind/hone stacks to .0002" tolerances on both outer diameter and inner diameter. Grinding and precision honing help to ensure proper air gaps and alignments. If the application demands, closer tolerances can be achieved. Different lamination materials can be used to meet or exceed magnetic specifications.

Specialized techniques are used to minimize coil size. This directly contributes to reduced resistance values and shorter end turns. When specified, insulation can also be placed between coil phases within the slots and/or within the coil end-turns. Various materials are used for coil insulations to meet stringent requirements.

The laminations are cleaned, aligned on special tooling, epoxied, and cured to form a bonded stack. We can also provide welded stacks. Laminated stacks are often insulated on the ends with epoxy powder coating. This is completed during our fluidized bed process.

Built-to-print and custom windings are our specialty. Magnet wire of a specified type and size is wound on winding mandrels to produce coil assemblies with exact turns. High-temperature (Class H) magnet wire can be incorporated for high-performance applications.

Many different winding types are offered. Potting coil heads provide a sealed system for harsh environments. Our vacuum impregnation process provides better environmental and mechanical protection. This process ensures that all air and moisture contaminants are removed and all voids are filled.

Why Choose ARC Systems Inc. As Your Motor Windings Supplier?

ARC Systems, Inc. has decades of experience in the customization and production of precision stator winding assemblies. We can satisfy any requirement from the style of winding, insulation type, impregnation or incorporation of potted coils, and lead termination. Every stator is electrically and mechanically inspected prior to shipment.

From concept through engineering and production, ARC Systems Inc. is committed to producing the highest quality components that are competitively priced and are delivered on time, including AC rotors and generators, brushless motors, and more.

We have a vast library of proven designs with a broad base of frame sizes and configurations for each product line. These assets, along with our engineering and manufacturing experience, give us the ability to respond quickly. We can reliably fulfill the requirements of virtually any design specification.

We support our capabilities with a state-of-the-art computer-aided design (CAD) system and a proprietary magnetic design program that we’ve developed in-house.

Quality is built into all ARC Systems products. Product performance and integrity are closely monitored through all phases of the operation. From receiving through manufacturing, Our overall quality assurance program is certified to ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D.

From concept through manufacturing, our experts interact continuously with your team to ensure all of your goals are met. Contact our engineering department with your electrical and mechanical requirements to get started or to learn more about our custom stator assemblies and production capabilities.