Industrial Cast Rotors And Custom Rotor Castings For AC Motors

ARC Systems, Inc. offers high-performance squirrel cage rotor castings available as raw castings or machined on a shaft. We custom manufacture cast rotors and bar rotors that are designed to be high-performance, precision motion control components.

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We specialize in aluminum rotor casting using pure and alloyed aluminum. In our cast rotors, molten material is incorporated into the stack. Using this method, we're able to manufacture multiple cast rotors in a single production run, giving us the ability to fulfill customer requirements in a timely and efficient manner.

We can also manufacture copper bar rotors. These are preferred options for unique conductivity requirements and for settings that require AC rotors that provide lower temperature operation by generating less heat. Copper bar rotors are not cast. Instead, they are comprised of solid copper bars, which are placed into each slot of the lamination stack and are attached to the end ring. As each copper bar is solid, this eliminates any issues that might occur during the process of casting molten copper. Copper bar rotors are produced individually.

Field Applications:

  • All AC Servo and Induction Motor Applications

Design Features:

  • High Temperature Insulation Systems
  • High Energy Magnetic Material
  • Smooth Operation
  • Different Materials availability

AC Rotors Tailor Made To Unique Performance Standards

If you require AC rotors made from brass and other alloys, we can provide a range of options. Varying the materials included in the rotor has significant effects on conductivity, magnetism, and other performance parameters. Our team will work with yours to produce a rotor that best suits your performance requirements.

Our industrial cast rotors are stacked and skewed utilizing highly designed stacking tools and skew fixtures. ARC's in-house machining capabilities enable us to grind and machine rotor castings to any required size and tolerance. Speed, torque, conductivity, and other factors can be tailored to individual requirements by changing the rotor bar and end ring conductivity.

We can also provide balancing of rotors to ensure smooth operation with no vibration whatsoever. This service ensures that high-speed motors perform with consistency and reliability. Following balancing, ARC Systems completes the motor assembly.

Our internal capabilities, such as vacuum impregnation, precision bonding, and multi-helix angle skewing, mean that you get access to exceptional technology and engineering. The result for our customers is a cost-effective solution for industrial rotor casting needs.

Our services are not limited to the manufacture of AC rotor castings and assemblies; ARC Systems Inc. can provide magnets, hubs, and shaft assemblies for brushless DC motors.

Why Choose ARC Systems Inc. As Your Rotor Castings Supplier?

As an ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D certified manufacturer, our products are built with the highest quality standards. We maintain and build on the resources required to design complex actuation systems. The majority of our customers require tailor-made motion control solutions and this is where our company flourishes, as we match our component knowledge to our customers' needs and provide a quality solution at a reasonable price.

Our high-performance products are designed with high-energy magnetic materials that exceed the most rigid performance specifications. Class H insulation is available for extreme performance demands and applications. Various proving sealing systems are also offered for the harshest environments. This includes potted coils for railroad and petroleum drilling applications and unique winding assemblies made to custom requirements for OEMs.

We have been producing quality motion control products since 1967 and have thousands of units in operation throughout the world. Our engineers have access to over forty years of proven product designs and robust motor manufacturing technology.

We’re proud of our excellent reputation for quality, reliability, and service. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

To get started working with our engineering team or to learn more about how we can meet your needs as a custom rotor manufacturer and supplier, submit your RFQ or call us directly.