ARC Systems, Inc. Capabilities


Motion Control Systems

ARC Systems, Inc. engineering works closely with customers to define an optimal solution. We can work with either a modification of an existing design, a completely new design or integration with other system components. We have over 40+ years in electromechanical design. ARC Systems has a broad knowledge of motion control systems and a proven reputation for designing, manufacturing, qualifying and delivering these high performance solutions to many industries.

Motion control systems from ARC Systems, Inc. are robust and reliable devices with a long life under tough industrial conditions. Making all of the components ourselves enables us to control system integrity, quality, and component compatibility. Our rotary actuators combine tried and tested mechanical and electromechanical components with digital control electronics. This combination forms intelligent electric actuators as modules for both military and commercial applications as well as for integration into specialty packages.

In today's complex world, customers are often searching for fully integrated systems. ARC Systems believes true integration requires collaboration between ARC's engineering and the customers project team. Once there is a full appreciation of the technological challenges, optimizing a resolution by means of proven knowledge is executed.

By selecting optional features, performance is tailored to the requirements of our customers. Our basic package includes the in-line arrangement of motors, tachometers, gear heads, and brakes. We can also supply complete electromechanical actuation systems, with or without electronic control. We also offer integration of other manufacturers components into a design when it is both necessary and beneficial to our goals.


Customized Solutions

In today's ever changing world, conquering obstacles is a fundamental know-how ARC Systems has perfected. ARC has many years experience in designing motion control product for precision, durability, reliability, and performance for use in extreme environments.

ARC Systems, Inc. designs & manufactures custom AC Induction and Brushless DC motors. We can design or modify existing models to your specifications. These custom motors can be designed totally enclosed or open ventilated, CCW, CW, or for reversible rotation.

ARC offers various mounting options and shaft configurations to meet your needs. Optional housing material and finishes are available per your request.

Please fill out the CUSTOM FORM and e-mail back to ARC’s engineering at: or simply e-mail your outline drawing/requirements.

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Potting coil heads provides a sealed system for harsh environments. Our vacuum impregnation process provides better environmental and mechanical protection because all air and moisture contaminates are removed and all voids are filled. Our product is designed and manufactured for ruggedness, which means being able to withstand temperature extremes, vibration, shock, and many more environmental conditions. ARC can also test these conditions when required.

Not all of today's obstacles include environmental conditions. Some of our most unyielding obstacles are motor size. ARC Systems has created compact motion control products for many years. We keep coil dimensions to a minimum allowing smaller housings and end bells.

When you need a compact motor meeting high performance requirements, come to us, we can help.

Engineering Advantage

ARC Systems, Inc. has been producing quality motion control products for over 40+ years. At ARC, our engineers interact continuously with customers from concept through manufacturing solving technical issues. We support our capabilities with a state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) systems and proprietary magnetic design programs specifically developed at ARC. All of our employees are ambitious by taking on challenges and solving them through innovative ideas.

ARC Systems have a vast library of proven designs along with a broad base of frame sizes and configurations of each product line. This along with our engineering and manufacturing experience enables us to respond quickly and reliably to any design specification. We have a strong reputation for nuturing relationships with our customers and their engineers.

Working concurrently with our customer's engineers allows us to share new ideas, challenges, and solutions ultimately ensuring synergy. ARC's engineering team has hands on experience with manufacturing which permits for a better design and optimal production process.

ARC's management nurtures all personnel in continuous improvements and problem solving. This corporate culture eventually translates our technical awareness into reproducible practicable solutions, which cultivates customer satisfaction.