AC Rotors

AC Rotors For High Performance Motors

AC rotors are an essential component of AC motors. The rotors consist of a cylindrical and laminated iron core with slots for receiving the conductors. The most typical rotor has short-circuiting end rings and cast-aluminum conductors. This AC motor "squirrel cage" rotates when a current in the shorted conductors is induced in the moving magnetic field. The synchronous speed of the AC motor is the speed at which the AC motor magnetic field rotates.



ARC Systems, Inc. offers high-performance Squirrel Cage Rotor Castings available as raw castings or machined on a shaft. The company’s unique casting technique allows these custom fabricated rotor castings to be manufactured using various types of alloys. Designed with high energy magnetic laminations, these components exceed the most rigid performance requirements.


AC Rotors from ARC Systems, Inc. are stacked and skewed utilizing highly designed stacking tools and skew fixtures while the in-house machining capabilities enable the production of grind/machine rotor castings to any required size and tolerance. Changes in the rotor bar and end ring conductivity will customize the speed and torque requirements of individual clients.