Two Phase AC Servo Motors

Two Phase AC Servo Motors In Many Different Sizes

Two phase servo motors are an integral part of a closed-loop feedback control system. These motors are automatic devices that use error-sensing feedback to correct the performance of a mechanism. These motors are used when accurate response characteristics are required.


The output torque of these motors is roughly proportional to the applied control voltage. The polarity of the control voltage also determines the torque direction. To achieve these characteristics these motors have low inertia rotor assemblies to achieve fast starts, stops and reversals. High resistance squirrel cage rotors are also used to provide these motors with approximately linear speed-torque outputs. AC servo motors including two-phase servo motors are commonly utilized in various applications including CNC machinery, automated manufacturing and robotics.




ARC Systems, Inc. is a world class designer and manufacturer of AC Servo motors which includes two-phase servo motors. ARC’s unrelenting commitment in producing the highest quality components at competitive prices, delivered on time has made the company one if not the most reliable industry partner of innumerable businesses that require precision motion control products.


The company has a vast library of time-tested designs along with a broad base of frame sizes and configurations for each product line. ARC's two phase servo motors are designed to meet the demanding performance and precision requirements of the motion control industry.