Actuators Gearheads

Actuators and Gearheads


Actuators from ARC Systems, Inc. are robust and reliable devices with a long life under tough industrial conditions. Making all of the components ourselves enables us to control system integrity, quality, and component compatibility. Our rotary actuators combine tried and tested mechanical and electromechanical components with digital electronics. This combination forms intelligent electric actuators as modules for both military and commercial applications as well as for integration into specialty packages.

By selecting optional features, performance is tailored to the requirements of our customers.

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  • Right-Angle Drives
  • Spur and Planetary Gear Drives
  • Worm and Bevel Gear Systems
  • Ball Screw Systems
  • Lead Screws Systems
  • Brakes and anti-backlash systems

Our basic package includes the in-line arrangement of motors, tachometers, gear heads, and brakes. We can also supply complete electromechanical actuation systems, with or without electronic control.

Actuator Gearhead Gearheads

Our engineers interact continuously with our customers from concept through manufacturing. We support our capabilities with state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) system and a proprietary magnetic design program specifically developed at ARC Systems.